Everything is bigger in the Altai, the mountainous frontier between Mongolia, China, and Russia. This is what Damien and Dom discover there, skiing the high summits for three weeks and enduring early spring storms. Opening up to the vastness, they must overcome their differences and learn to survive together, totally isolated at their high-altitude base camp, a tiny yurt in an expansive terrain of snow. Once liberated from the modern electronic appendages, the 19 years old Damien immediately enters into resonance with the Altai Mountains of the Tavan Bogd, the Five Saints. He is the one opening the door to the sacred dimension of the place and to the interaction that its inhabitants nurture with them.  


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Film Streaming

Subtitles available in English, Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish.


Dominique Snyers


Damien Lepage

Dominique Snyers

Video Editing

Sabine Hubeaux, Dominique Snyers

Sound Editing:

Pierre Bruyns (Studio Bleu Nuit)


26 minutes 30 seconds


French dialogues subtitled in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish.


Coline & Toitoine
Coline & Toitoine

The Shore

Marco Rosano
Marco Rosano

Meditation 1

Antoine Jorissen
Antoine Jorissen


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