The Nahanni Whisperer – Le Passeur de la Nahanni

Four young climbers dream of climbing the Lotus Flower Tower, a legendary big wall, somewhere in the Cirque of the Unclimbables in the furthest outreaches of Northern Canada. For 800 m of climbing, they will have to brave 550 km of wild Nahanni river over a whole month of total independence. Given that they have only limited experience in this type of adventure, they persuade Dom, a seasoned traveller 33 years their senior, to help them get this expedition off the ground. Whereas Dom will be realising his teenage dream of riding the Nahanni rapids, he is also about to realise that the Lotus Flower will be his last ‘Big Wall’ climb. A poetic and fun adventure of passing the baton between generations, a point where the dream becomes reality.
The Nahanni Whisperer is the English version of “Le Passeur de la Nahanni” movie.

Loïc and the Flolopapys – Loïc et les Flolopapys

Twenty two year old Loic has become a passionate climber after having received his first pair of climbing shoes at age six. Together with Florian, Pablo and Pierre, they form the inseparable “Flolopapys”, bringing their energy and good vibes to the farthest reaches of the climbing world.
Although each is unique, they complement and support each other like a band of brothers. But can Loic use the Flolopapys energy to overcome his haunting fear of heights as he confronts some of the toughest climbs on the planet?
Step out of your comfort zone, face your fears and touch your deep humanity. Loic and the Flolopapys invite you to embark on a very human adventure.

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The Power of Dreams – Le Pouvoir des Rêves

Arthur was severely injured in an accident at a boy scout camp and sets out on an adventure to find himself. Instead, he discovers a whole lot more.

Belgian teen, Arthur Fievet, was as active and outdoorsy as you’ve ever met. Then, with a broken back and paralysed from the waist down he suddenly finds his wish-list of adventures cut short. Months of intensive physio slowly brings back the faintest use of his legs but he can barely even stagger forward a few steps with all his weight on two crutches. Arthur cannot accept that his days of adventure are over and plans an ambitious expedition in the north of Alaska with his brother, a friend and two experienced adventurers.

The Power of Dreams”  is the English version of the “Le Pouvoir des Rêves” a film by François-Xavier De Ruydts produced by Triangle7  in coproduction with the RTBF and CapExpé.

Founding Moments

Does it feel different to be a teenager from the new world or from the old world when you raft down a rapid for the first time and share fishes, pancakes and Belgian chocolate around a campfire?

Leo and Sinbad are cousins. They barely know each other. One lives in the United States and the other in Belgium. During a packraft trip in the pristine Quebec wilderness, they get to know each other.

Together with Cyril and Dom, their mentor, they packraft down three rivers between Ontario and Quebec: the Coulonge River, the Black River and the Petawawa River.